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Youth Pop Back Tee
Youth Pop Back Tee
Top view of youth pop back tee standing upright on a white background
youth pop back tee standing upright on a white background
Young boy practicing with youth pop back tee in a playground
Young boy fixing SKLZ youth pop back tee on a ground

Youth Pop Back Tee


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The Youth Pop-Back Tee is ideal for younger players to practice and improve their swing mechanics. Specifically designed to “pop back” after every hit, there is no need to reset the batting tee. Players and coaches can focus on providing young hitters the reps they need to build their technique and make solid contact. The removable tee shaft makes it easy to carry and store, and is ideal for setting up on the field, in a backyard, or even on-the-go. Adjustable from 21” to 29”, the Youth Pop-Back Tee allows youth hitters of all sizes build batting skills throughout the strike zones.
  • Weighted-base design absorbs impact, then resets for continual training
  • Builds proper swing mechanics for solid ball contact
  • Quick, easy setup and breakdown
  • Adjusts from 21”-29” for young players of all heights