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Black baseball training bat
Black baseball training bat
Black baseball training bat with three balls
Two kids playing with power stick and ball

Power Stick


SKU 0999
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SKLZ Power Stick Baseball Bat builds proper swing mechanics by utilizing a narrow diameter barrel. The narrow design is ideal for small ball training and hones in on precision and accuracy with each and every hit. Develop your batting strength and acuity with the SKLZ Power Stick. This 30 oz strength training bat helps develop batting specific muscles in the shoulders, arms, and hands to help you hit bombs into the outfield. The narrow barrel of the SKLZ Power Stick helps build visual acuity and hand-eye coordination. Built with a durable steel design, this strength building bat is designed to hit ball after ball, season after season. It is ideal for those playing softball, fastpitch and baseball. Develop a more accurate and consistent swing by practicing with SKLZ Power Stick Baseball Bat and reap the benefits come game time. This bat should be used with practice balls only and not real baseballs.
  • Durable steel design
  • Overload bat weighs 30 oz.
  • 30” in length
  • Includes 3 practice balls
  • Works well for softball, fast pitch or baseball training