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Three mini training bands in yellow, red and black
Three mini training bands in yellow, red and black
Woman doing work out in a gym with SKLZ mini bands
Trainer training kids with SKLZ mini bands in a playground
Mini Bands

Mini Bands


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Mini Bands are an effective and versatile training tool for athletes of all skills and levels. Used to increase strength in the upper and lower body, Mini Bands are ideal for lateral movement exercises, hip and glute activation, and shoulder stabilization. The 3 Mini Band set offers three different levels of resistance – light, medium, and heavy, so you can challenge yourself and your team with every workout. Small, compact, and lightweight, they’re the perfect training tool to use practically anywhere.
  • Comes in pack of 10 yellow bands
  • Effective and versatile training tool that can be used anywhere
  • Use for upper and lower body resistance training – ideal for lateral
  • movement and shoulder stabilization exercises as well as leg extensions
  • Scannable codes for easy mobile access to online exercise videos