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Black and yellow jump rope
Black and yellow jump rope
Man practicing with SKLZ jump rope in a gym

Jump Rope


SKU 1858
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Train speed, quickness and endurance with this durable jump rope. With padded grips, a center mounted swivel, the Jump Rope is a simple approach to get more results from your training. Whether you’re training for a spot on the podium or looking to break into training, the Jump Rope is the perfect place to start. Countless athletes have improved footwork, agility, and quickness with jumping rope. While you’re jumping rope, cardiovascular health may not be top of mind, but know that with each minute on your toes, you’re hundreds of beats closer to a tougher ticker. The bonus: while you’re breathing hard, your coordination and muscle tone are improving.
  • Exceptional value, durable jump rope
  • Ergonomic, padded grips
  • Great tool for improving coordination, footwork and quickness
  • Adjustable rope length
  • Center-mounted swivel

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