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Yellow curved massage stick
Yellow curved massage stick
Yellow curved massage stick
Lady massaging her leg with SKLZ's Accustick
Man massaging his back with SKLZ's Accustick
man massaging his leg with SKLZ's Accustick

Accustick Massage Stick


SKU 2725
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Designed to massage muscles and help release trigger points, the Accustick massage tool is designed with unique curves, corners, and points to target those hard-to-reach areas. The shape provides leverage so you can comfortably reach knots in your back, shoulders, and calves. Built to be lightweight yet durable, the Accustick is compact enough to fit into your gym bag or backpack , ideal for athletes on-the-go. Use the massage stick before a training session or post-workout to help speed up recovery and provide your muscles with the relief they deserve.
  • Recover faster with massage and trigger point release.
  • Target all muscle groups with curves, corners and points.
  • Lightweight and portable to use anywhere you train or play.