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Six yellow speed hurdles in a row.
Six yellow speed hurdles in a row.
Side view of yellow speed hurdle
Three men training in gym, one man training with speed hurdles
Kids practicing with SKLZ's 6x hurdles under an observation of coach

6X Hurdles


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To improve speed, agility, and plyometric drills, there’s nothing better than hurdle training. The all-purpose 6X Hurdles by SKLZ are designed to stand up to the biggest beatings and heaviest athletes. Lightweight yet durable, the hurdles feature a bounce-back construction and maintain their shape after being stepped on. Athletes can perform multi-directional speed drills as a team or during solo practice. The 6X Hurdles come in a convenient six-pack with a handy carrying case, making them an ideal portable training tool for your athletes. When not in use, the hurdles store away easily and will last season after season.

  • Highly Durable
  • Multi-directional Speed
  • Agility and plyometric hurdles bounce-back construction Superior
  • One-piece twist design lightweight
  • Durable and easy to store includes six 6-inch hurdles