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Twelve Yellow practice baseballs in a package
Twelve Yellow practice baseballs in a package
Bolt Balls
Bolt balls in a bolt ball pitching machine

Bolt Balls


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The SKLZ Bolt Balls were built for use with the SKLZ Lighting Bolt Pitching Machine. Ideal for soft toss, these lightweight foam practice balls allow for continual hitting practice. Ideal for players of all ages and skill levels, the small, 4” circumference size encourages players to focus more on the ball, which helps them remain focused throughout their training session. Soft practice balls can be used for safer practice or where less ball flight is necessary, such as at the park or in the backyard. Same practice value and no broken windows. Bolt Balls come in a pack of 12.
  • Lightweight foam practice balls, made to work with the Lightning Bolt pitching machine.
  • Provides continual hitting practice with the Lightning Bolt, and also great for soft toss.
  • Small size encourages more focused batting trainingComes as pack of 12 4 inch circumference.