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Two court Slidez
Two court Slidez
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Court Slidez
Court Slidez
Court Slidez

Court Slidez


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Ideal for individual gym workouts, trainers with clients, and sports teams, SKLZ Court Slidez allow athletes to use their body weight  to activate the core, helping to build strength and flexibility with high-intensity, low-impact moves. Featuring a low-friction, non-marking surface, Slidez are safe for use on hardwood floors, tile, courts, and any other smooth surface. Ultra-lightweight and compact, this training aid can be used for a versatile range of exercises and drills. Take them with you on-the-go, to the gym, and even when you travel for a full-body workout.
  • Low-friction, non-marking core stability discs. Safe for all floors, including hardwood, tile and courts
  • Amplifies body weight exercises to activate your core and shoulders.
  • Use to help increase strength and flexibility.
  • Unique shape designed to reinforce functional movement.